Alarm Kebakaran Edwards Vigilant VS 1

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Alarm Kebakaran :

The Vigilant VS1 intelligent life safety system offers the speed of high-end intelligent processing in a configuration that delivers an uncomplicated solution for small to mid-sized applications. With intelligent detection, electronic addressing, automatic device mapping, optional Ethernet® connectivity, and a full line of easily configured option cards and modules, this quick-to-install system offers versatile features that benefit building owners and contractors alike.

The VS1 provides one Class B analog device loop that supports up to 64 device addresses, and two Class B Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs). Optional Class A device wiring is available with the use of a module.

This life safety system features an attractive contemporary design that fits with any decor. Its gently curved doorfront offers a distinctive flair with available red or silver finishes. Controls are discreetly inset behind a striking black bezel.

The VS1 supports a wide range of accessories and related equipment, including:

• Intelligent modules, detectors, and bases

• R-Series remote annunciators

• Option cards that expand system capacity and extend sys- tem capabilities.


• Comes standard with one loop that supports up to 64 intelligent devices of any type and two Class B NACs.

• Form C contacts for alarm and trouble, Form A for supervisory

• Electronic addressing with automatic device mapping

• Optional Ethernet port for diagnostics, programming

• Supports systemwide strobe synchronization

• Two programmable switches with LEDs and custom labeling

• On board NACs support Genesis horn silence over two wires and UL 1971-compliant strobe synchronization

• Optional Class A wiring

• Supports up to eight serial annunciators, (LCD, LED-only, and graphic interface).

• Can use existing wiring for most retrofit applications

• Supports V-Series single and multisensor detectors

• Upload/download remotely or locally

• Two-level maintenance alert reporting

• Pre-alarm and alarm verification by point

• Adjustable detector sensitivity

• 4 x 20 character backlit LCD display


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